Date: 4 December, 2020

For those who like true accounts of adventures in foreign parts and Britain too, this book should not be missed. It is an account of Alan Hay’s life of adventure, some of which it is hoped will amuse, and inspire others to follow their childhood dreams. and not to do what is expected of them. Alan was born in Surrey and spent some of his childhood in the West Midlands before returning south. He qualified in Land Surveying at the University of East London and worked for much of his career overseas, but with lengthy interludes in the British Isles. He moved to Inverness in his thirties, but also lived for spells overseas in San Francisco, Johannesburg, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Gabon, Nigeria and Cyprus. In addition he worked for shorter periods in other African, and Middle Eastern countries. Alan now lives in retirement with his wife in Nottinghamshire and enjoys all things geological, geographical and Scottish. Summers are spent making geological maps of the Peak District.

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