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Would you like to bring more hope and power into your life? Can you see yourself as an influencer and force for positive change? Each one of us, deep down, has the spirit and fire within to live in joy. We are built for it! We can and do make positive changes that empower and bring hope to ourselves and others. Most of us have wondered more than once: “How can I make a difference?” This book looks at that question. Readers have called this a compelling and motivational guidebook that is a practical and powerful tool. They characterize it as a well-written, uplifting read they love! Thank you! Building Communities of Hope helps us to: • Believe in ourselves. • Take steps to improve our lives. • Address challenges and break through barriers. • Build hope that’s our own – that’s practical and works for us. • Strengthen our personal purpose and power. • Win friends, influence, lead, and support others. • Be a force for positive change in our communities. Building Communities of Hope is a guide for those of us who yearn for a change in our lives. It’s a roadmap for creating positivity and a meaningful difference in our communities and society. It’s a resource for those who need support and motivation to recover from life’s challenges. We often face multiple difficulties in life. Things like natural disasters, accidents, health challenges, economic setbacks, addiction, inequities, climate change, and war. We often feel overwhelmed when we go through these challenges. This book teaches that there is a way through and beyond these challenges, especially when we rely on each other. Together, we have the power to do just about anything. That's where transformation happens! Building Communities of Hope shares how many different people bring positive change to their lives and those around them. This creates transformation and hope for many. A few include: • The “little old lady in tennis shoes” who led a movement for positive change for older adults. • A boy who influenced others to help the homeless, which grew into a large housing nonprofit. • A model of recovery on a motorcycle who brought health and healing to communities. • An engine on fire who engaged her entire community to give and build resources for children. • Someone who moved from an office in a broom closet to lead sweeping community change. • People who are living through health crises with love, faith, and hope. Every step makes a difference. Every single thing we do makes a difference. The way we live out our values of compassion and justice matters. A lot. Our work together builds over time and creates positive change. That's because every single act of kindness, compassion, love, shared action, advocacy, and justice has ripple effects. Some small, others large - some short-term, others long- lasting. Everything counts. It is often gratifying hard work and sacred space that lifts us up and powers up our communities! We have the power within us!
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