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Guerrilla warfare with British forces is well underway. Their political party are busy manipulating politicians in Ireland, the United States and Australia into supporting their cause.

It's now proven that nothing is off-limits.

The tentacles of the Irish involvement is now spreading its manipulative claws through time to Northern Ireland, England, the United States and Australia.

They meet head-on with US, foreign and unknown government interference. MI6 is busy tracking Irish Politicians in the USA. Will Patrick Reilly outrun them? Is the CIA involved?

No one in this book is an angel; even at senior government levels—perhaps especially there—deceit and lies abound.

Patrick Reilly is the Irish politician who cleverly lies, cheats and manipulates all those around him. Is the same being done to him? And if it is, does he know?

Robert Ryan, former US Ambassador to Ireland, is furthering his own career in politics in the United States. Like the others, he will stop at nothing to succeed. Does he succeed?

Jane Ryan's secrets are likely to surprise everybody. Does she have them? You bet. It’s like peeling the skin from an onion.

Unwittingly throwing himself into this lions’ den is young Tom Pearse in Australia. However, he now finds himself deeply connected to the corruption and deceit. What the hell has he gotten himself into? How involved is he?

Celtic Power shifts dynamically time and continents in a riveting, engrossing read presented in this second volume.

What are the real conflicts? Who is good? Who is evil? You decide.

Like the first book, this fast-paced narrative will keep you on the edge of your seat, The rollercoaster of power and greed. Have you decided whose side are you on yet?

Beware the seedy politics. Who is sordid? Who is corrupt? Who’s on the dark side? What is the dark side? Once again, You decide.

*Readers’ Note: This book contains scenes of graphic violence and sex and is intended for a mature readership.

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