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Dirty Glances by Missy Terrell

Jason – See no evil It started when I bribed my ex-girlfriend's boss to fire her so she could work for me. Now the sparks and secrets between us may cost me everything. Caramel-kissable Kendis was mine in high school. She’s bubbly and feisty with pouty lips that belong to me. Kendis’ unique skills defend against cyber threats. But that isn’t the only electricity between us. When she looks at me, her eyes glaze over in delicious lust or soft affection. But her presence could threaten everything I’ve built. Her past haunts our second chance together by sabotaging my company. I’m launching a political campaign based on my business savvy. But now I have to win back clients and investors. I want to protect her from the ghosts of the past, be the most powerful man in the room, and have Kendis on my desk. Or anywhere I want. So, I need powerful allies to help stack the odds in my favor. My secrets may sabotage my future with her or be the key to getting everything I’ve ever wanted.
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