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Would you like to learn more about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy?

Most Americans were not aware of him before February 2022, but he captured the world's imagination when he stood up to overwhelming Russian aggression. He has been likened to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and Winston Churchill. These comparisons are not hyperbole.

This is a book about leadership. In this insightful read, award-winning professor, Darin Gerdes will help you discover how Zelenskyy rose to power, the major events that shaped him, important points of Ukrainian history that led to the present conflict, and what made him a phenomenal war-time president.

If you are interested in understanding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this book is for you. You will understand the war through the eyes of the Ukrainian president, and when you have finished reading this book, you will understand more than your friends, your colleagues at work, and even many news commentators.

More importantly, you will glean important insights about leadership. You will learn how he coupled precise words with courageous personal example to embody the sentiment of his nation, and how he led his small country to repel naked Russian aggression.

Posting a video on the streets of Kyiv, his words, “Ya tut,” (translation “I am here” [with you in Kyiv]) emboldened Ukrainians to stand and fight, when U.S. intelligence estimated that Ukraine would fall within the first few days.

When the United States government offered him a chance to flee the country, he said, “The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride.” Ukrainian men heard his words, and they were emboldened to defend their freedom.

Two days after the invasion began, New York Times columnist, David Brooks, tweeted: “Would you be Zelenskyy? Would I? What a high and heroic standard that guy has set for us in the years ahead.”

Learn from this remarkable man. His place in the pantheon of courageous leaders is secure. Find out why…

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