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Kevin Wilks And The Power Stone by Kevin N Shortland


Kevin Wilks is a young, strong-minded child thrust into the world of magic. He has strong beliefs but only accepts things if evidence can be shown or proved.
He has a brother Paul 3 years older than him that is already a young wizard, but he knows nothing of this. It is he who discovers Kevin’s abilities.
At a senior school where both go, things change for him in a considerable way that he barely understands at first, but later must accept.
He is given a quest to under-go and meets many magical folk and creatures, some good, some not so good.
Kevin’s abilities and attitude drive him on to succeed in the first of the six quests that will be assigned to him, the first being this book that they are based on.
Follow him on all the quests as he comes of age in the wizarding world

Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: