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Cuddle up next to three insanely hot, standalone Christmas contemporary reverse harem romances -- that come with several filthy talking heros and a spectacular, satisfying happily ever after. Books Included: Christmas with my Best Friend's Brothers I should have declined my bestie's invite to the Bishop’s annual Christmas skiing trip. In the breathtaking French Alps.... With the even more breathtaking Bishop triplets. After catching my ex-fiancé cheating, It was either going on the exotic trip... Or spending Christmas alone. Why was this a bad idea? My roommates include three bullies who gave me the worst moments of my childhood. To make matters worse, they’ve grown into three irritating, hot-as-sin MEN. Oh, and did I mention… they’re my bestie’s triplet brothers? The ball begins to drop when I catch one of them naked and dripping wet in the shower. Suddenly I lose all self restraint and ALL hell breaks loose. When the triplets touch my skin I'm on fire. Every sensual thing they whisper in my ear is intoxicating. I want them all more than I fear the consequences. Consequences like this one…. “Can you repeat that doctor?” “There’s zero chance of knowing who the father is. Identical triplets share almost identical sets of DNA.” Oh h*ll. How did the get myself into this mess? Three Daddies Under the Mistletoe “You three are my clients. We shouldn't cross the line.” Three rugged ex-marines. Rock hard bodies. And filthy rich businessmen. I've been their favorite personal stylist for years. And when my ex stirs trouble, they tell him they're my "new boyfriends". They even invite me to stay in their snowy mountain cabin for the holidays. I figure it's mere sympathy – my life's a bit in shambles. Then something insane happens: I find the juicy diary of their old flame. Her vivid accounts with the irresistible trio make me wonder: What if that could be me? Let's just say years of bottled up sexual tension finally come to surface... and I experience a holiday adventure more thrilling than I've ever dreamed. I just hope they don't freak out when I reveal a Christmas surprise that could change everything. Christmas with my Three Best Friends What’s more embarrassing than accidentally emailing your crush? When you've been crushing hard on your three best friends… And now they know all your wild, kinky fantasies about them. We've weathered life's storms together, Even the pain of betrayal. They're my fierce protectors, But clueless about my deepest desires. And that’s the safest way to shield my heart... The Three Hot Best Friends: We’re pretty sure Shay sent us an email by mistake. A list of her raunchiest desires... Including the one that tightens our shorts. We've been silently loving her for years, But now... all bets are off. This holiday season, Shay's wildest dreams are our command. All three of us, together with her. And this time we're not holding back. Each book is a complete, smoking hot over the top Christmas romance
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