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Red Storm: Complete Series by James Rosone


Deep in the Kremlin, a plan is hatched
…to restore Russia’s place in the world.
Will the Ukrainian army fold as they expect?

A sleeping giant is awake, but it’s not the one the world expects. The first spark at the powder keg comes on the Crimean Peninsula, but this is only the beginning. Soon, Korea, Taiwan, and China will factor into a different type of war.

When bullets turn to bytes

…will the allies be ready?

The US President has a decision to make. There’s just one problem; his advisers are deeply divided on the next move. He must bring together a coalition to stand against the Red Storm. Can the autocratic regimes that threaten peace be stopped?

Is a New World Order inevitable?

You’ll love this epic six-book series, written several years before the current Russian invasion of Ukraine. James having crafted a story that’s more prophetic than fiction.

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This complete box set includes all six books of the Red Storm series:

Book 1: Battlefield Ukraine
Book 2: Battlefield Korea
Book 3: Battlefield Taiwan
Book 4: Battlefield Pacific
Book 5: Battlefield Russia
Book 6: Battlefield China

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