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Short Stories by Fred Griffiths


This collection of thirteen short stories will whisk you away from the harsh realities of everyday life and offer you some much needed escapism from the modern busy world.
The characters, ranging from cats, parrots and rats to ghosts, puppies and even some humans, all face challenges that they must overcome in order to live happy and prosperous lives. Jack has to trust that his new puppy can save him when he gets lost in the woods. Vicky, a very shy schoolgirl, is adamant she won’t let her bullies ruin her future. When a building catches fire, it’s up to Smokey Joe, a homeless cat, and a feared wild dog to save the town’s residents. When Jack helps a lonely ghost repair the roof to his house, the ghost grants him a wish. And Tom learns how nice it feels to help others less fortunate than himself.
If you’re going through a hard time at the moment or feeling particularly low, these stories will bring a smile to your face, inspire you and remind you that things will get better if you just hang on in there.

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