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Want to raise your self-esteem and build confidence? Want the strength to stand up for yourself and your ideas? Are you struggling with bullying or know someone who does? 

If you often feel afraid of rocking the boat, feel defeated by stronger personalities, or struggle to speak up even when your ideas are better, it could have a negative domino effect on your life progress.

Like always going with what your friends want, without holding much space for your own passions and interests. Or missing big opportunities, with your brilliant ideas piled up in a drawer while others get credit instead. It feels so suffocating, yet so hard to break through.

Discover how you can change this!

Firstly, you aren’t alone. According to Forbes, around 85% of people experience low self-esteem at some point in their lives.

Secondly, it’s totally possible to turn things around. Experts from Psychology Today showcased a vast array of ways many people build confidence and resilience using progressive cognitive exercises.

But everyone is different. How do you actually train your mind in a way that works for you?

In this book you’ll explore:

  • Ways to make sense of what you’re feeling and experiencing right now
  • How to analyze your sitch and establish your starting point
  • Real-life stories from real-life people
  • Facts and myths about bullying and why it happens
  • Key tactics to break the bullying cycle you or someone you know is stuck in
  • How and why to resist peer pressure
  • Self-appreciation exercises to raise your self-image
  • The most powerful way to sync in with your body
  • The crucial role of body positivity in self-esteem growth
  • Direct ways to dismantle self-doubt
  • Taking control of your emotions without hating them
  • How to learn assertiveness while staying objective and fair
  • The one crucial mindset change that turns people into go-getters
  • How to make sure you never lose yourself, your ideas, or values
  • Bonus chapter: Make the most out of change and stay on firm ground
  • Bonus: Free #moodchallenge images and art to calm your mood and settle your mindset

Time to kickstart the glow up!

Build your confidence and let it grow strong roots. This book outlines your steps exactly in the right order, while you keep your own pace to avoid burnout.

So you can make steady progress even if right now you don’t know where to start, or are doubting your strength, and especially if you’ve tried tackling this before but couldn’t break through.

Sounds promising? Grab now! 

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