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Ten Thousand I Love Yous by Lisa Slabach


 I read the book in two sittings (nearly one, but I had to give in to sleep!)”—Love Reading

In this humorously touching novel by the critically acclaimed author of Degrees of Love, a woman is blindsided when her high school sweetheart abandons her after eighteen years of marriage.

At sixteen, Kimberly Kirby thought the only thing she needed to be perfectly happy was to spend the rest of her life with Jay Braxton. Twenty years later, she still believes it. As they proudly watch their daughter, Haley, graduate from high school, she imagines her life is as perfect as anyone could reasonably expect.  Jay is a formidable attorney, she a freelance writer, and their love as strong as ever.  With Haley heading to UC Berkeley in the fall, Kimberly fantasizes about making love on the kitchen table.  She has no clue that Jay’s bags are already packed. 


Now divorced and determined to squelch her love for Jay, she accepts a gig writing a sex and dating blog for divorcees.  As the Virgin Dater, she is on the hunt for love.  No-strings-attached nights with a sexy fireman and moving to San Francisco are just what she needs to boost her battered ego and mend her shattered heart. 


But just as she falls hard for a talented young chef, Jay fights to win her back.  Torn between her bold new life and the comfort of Jay’s strong arms, she questions if there is too much to forgive.  The ten thousand I love yous that had passed Jay’s lips can’t be dismissed, but nor can her newfound freedom and the knowledge that her happiness doesn’t depend on Jay.

“The novel doesn’t make things simple or straightforward for the main character, and the reader benefits from this complex analysis of present-day existence, getting both a thought-provoking work of contemporary fiction and a cheerful romance in the bargain.”—Self Publishing Review ★★★★½