One unforgettable night, boundaries crossed and there was no uncrossing them. Smokey Woods Ranch Owner, Wyatt Cody was the sight I needed. Cowboy hat for the win. On the outside we’re complete opposites, I’m a City Slicker and he's a Country Guy. Wyatt rubbed me as a disciplined man who follows routines. With a pinch of grumpy man syndrome...   This ranch retreat was to clear my mind but he was flooding my every thought. He has a deep voice that makes my toes curl. Completely alone with just the moonlight, this is a girl's fantasy date. .. Dizzy from the heat of the hot springs, I lost my balance when his lips smashed into mine.    One dream date, an extremely hot cowboy, some wine, flipped my world upside down Every touch was worth it but these two pink lines we’re not planned…damn it
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