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The Tender Tempest by Jane Gray


A broken betrothal, a powerful duke set on revenge, disappointed family expectations.

Lady Janine Derrington arrives for the 1815 Season in Brussels a shadow of the beauty she had once been and shunned by Society. The Duke of Rossmuir, still smarting from her rejection, is also in Brussels and, deciding to keep revenge in his pocket for now, he offers to assist her as the gossip also affects him.

Janine agrees to his plan but with caution, unsure of his motives. As they attempt to fool everyone into believing they are still good friends, Rossmuir realises he is still in love with her. The arrival in Janine’s life of a dashing major and Rossmuir’s younger brother make him realise he could lose her, so he decides to make her fall in love with him again.

Will Janine oblige him? She might, once she has led him down a tempestuous path!

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