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The Vampire Council by Laurie Bowler


An exciting new vampire series that will take you into a world where vampires rule and humans are treated and used as their pets.

Natalie has been sold to another vampire after an excruciatingly painful experience with her previous master. She only expects to be treated like vermin but is confused when she finally meets her new master Aries. Aries is different to most vampires and feels an indescribable pull to Natalie, she is beautiful beyond words, and although he knows it is forbidden for his kind to have anything to do with humans other than to use them as pets and property he cant resist the temptation.

Will Natalie accept her new master and be able to live in peace? Will Aries realise that as the head of the council, he cannot have any feelings towards his pets, or will he risk everything?

Read the new exciting Vampire Council series.

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