Date: 29 October, 2020

In Brains At The Border, Lynda Brettle offers us a humorous insight into her own overseas experiences during postings with the Foreign Office over two decades in locations as diverse as paradise islands and war torn conflict zones. With each new adventure we experience with her, and her eclectic bunch of fellow globe trotters, how it really feels to live and work as an expatriate and how they deal with both the rewards and frustrations of basic everyday issues. Lynda’s world gets increasing complex as she travels from being a single girl to a married woman and a mother. In an attempt to regain some work – life balance, she leaves the Diplomatic Service and settles with her family on Spain’s Costa Blanca. This is where the jaw-dropping fun really begins with the arrival of hordes of ill-prepared Brits expecting to “live the dream” – having left their Brains At The Border.

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