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Date: 17 August, 2020

Whether you are going through difficult times yourself or are helping a friend or loved one through a painful situation, this book is uniquely organized to guide adults through a process that will be enriching for both those who are suffering as well as compassionate friends who wish to support them. FREE eBook From August 17 - 21, 2020

Date: 15 August, 2020

“It’s a Spiritual Thing” is a straightforward, guided journal tool for those who do not know where to start with prayer or those who want to deepen their existing prayer relationship with God. This prayer journal provides concrete real-life, relatable testimonies while also allowing readers the space to jot down personal thoughts. It is the perfect companion for spiritual study and can be revisited over and over again as readers continue on their spiritual journey. Read "It's a Spiritual Thing" on Amazon Kindle

Date: 12 August, 2020

By reading this book, you will learn about: EmotionsHow to improve emotional intelligenceImproving self-awarenessStrategies for self-managementMindfulnessSocial awarenessRelationship management 99 Cent Bargain Book from August 12 - 13, 2020

Date: 8 August, 2020

Do you want to become your own best version? Do you want to showcase your charismatic, authentic self so that you attract people and become popular? If so, this book, How to be Charismatic, Develop Confidence, and Exude Leadership: The Miracle Formula for Magnetic Charisma, Defeating Anxiety, and Winning at Communication, is the right book for you! This book will show you how to become a charismatic leader, develop sharp social skills, and become a passionate extrovert so that you can skyrocket your career, have healthier relationships, and grow genuine confidence and self-esteem!The tips, tricks, and exercises given in this...

Date: 10 July, 2020

The human condition is one riddled with complexities about the path we yearn for, who we are and what we believe. We have become so dogmatic in our own beliefs that when they don’t come to fruition or we find them to be a hoax; our journey can come crashing down with doubt, fear, and uncertainty. Many individuals think they know why they are doing what they do, where they will end up, or who they wish to be in 3 to 7 years until a catastrophic event called life occurs. We dream to live adventurously but the fear of...

Date: 6 July, 2020

No Longer Burned Out On Busy is a women's guide to managing stress and navigating through life transitions with greater ease. The audience will learn practical tips and tricks to: (1) master your mindset and develop emotional resiliency, (2) free yourself from internal and external barriers which keep you burned out on busy using my CARE Approach™, (3) access a state of flow by utilizing The Feminine Freedom Method™, (4) deepen self-trust and intuition, (5) take decisive inspired action, (6) foster deep connections, (7) develop authentic, courageous and self-assured communication skills and more. FREE eBook From July 6 - 10,...

Date: 6 July, 2020

This books covers the life of an alcoholic from birth until current sobriety. The author takes a tour of redemption by competing in and finishing 5 triathlons in one summer. FREE eBook From July 6 - 10, 2020