Date: 24 July, 2020

Built upon the fabric of the author’s background as a member of the 1%, yet woven from whole cloth, this award-winning bestselling novel “Eye of the Moon” is an enchanting web of multigenerational intrigue, secret love affairs, sumptuous black- and white-tie dinner parties, potential murders, Egyptian occultism, vicious curses, unexpected magic, and secrets that break, or reshape, lives. It is peopled by characters like Russian dolls, with shocking elements revealed in layers over the five-day house party in Rhinebeck. Though the opening chapters are perhaps benign, readers and reviewers alike rave that they become ensnared in the story and can’t put the novel down, even if it means they burn their dinner or stay up to 4 am.

Percy, the narrator, begins as someone raised on the fringes of the elite, quasi-abandoned by his traveling parents. He is abruptly reunited with his pseudo-brother and pulled into his hijinks. They stumble upon the artifacts of the legendary socialite Alice, who had died mysteriously twenty years prior. Her letters and journals bring a darker world to the light and the two men dive headlong into the shadows. This inadvertently involves everyone at the estate, including the butler, Stanley, who was the only confidante of Alice with hidden knowledge of what happened behind closed doors before her death. She still lives in the places lit with magic, her narrative woven tightly with Percy’s. What will be the cost of revealing the truth? Where does Percy ultimately belong?

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