Date: 11 February, 2021

Sean’s autobiography is a masterclass in how to do things the wrong way and still succeed.

Screwing up pretty much every aspect of his life, but to make mistakes are part and parcel of life and the only thing he did right was to learn from them. He found the gutter, living rough on the streets of London, Brussels & Alicante.

And after a couple of judicial sentences in a foreign maximum-security prison he left and returned back to England and found several lowly paid but stepping stone jobs onto bigger and better things. A compulsive addict he has been hooked on all types of drugs, alcohol and gambling over the years.

Ultimately, he learned how to give up his addictive demons and has made a success in business. He was finally rewarded when opportunity knocked. Sean has written this book as a legacy to those who know him and for anyone who wants to know that being in the gutter means there is only one way up!

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