Date: 27 May, 2021

Manchester is enjoying a long hot summer but Lisa hasn’t noticed. She’s dreading being called as the chief witness in a murder trial. That’s after she has attended the funerals of the victims.

In London her colleagues at Bergers advertising agency are horrified to hear rumours that they are to be relocated to Manchester. Rory is dispatched to the north on a mission to keep Lisa and her ambitious manager Corinne in line – at all costs.

Lisa thinks she is keeping it all together, until colleague Tasmin asks, ‘Lisa, have you seen this? I think you should know what’s been Tweeted about you. You have a troll and not a very nice one.’ Guilt is about the surviving members of The Sun pub quiz team.

It is the sequel to Deluded. ‘Good story, humour, suspense and fabulous dialogue.’

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