Date: 31 January, 2021

“Hole Punch, by Garth Simmons, is a short story collections that defies description. Within its pages are hundreds of short, often fragmented, often bizarre narratives, characterised by cartoonish excess, visceral sensory descriptions, eccentric characters, and a grim but brilliant humour.”

“a raw, fragmented, nightmarish collection of stories that makes you feel simultaneously bewildered, scared, disgusted, amused and angry all at once”


The height of the Earth Empire – where War Bricks flatten alien civilisations.
Yorkshire 1985 – where a child’s mind is patched together with trauma.
Ancient Greece – where Socrates discovers a carnal method of time-travel.
Mars 2348 – where crime and terror haunt the Martian Habitation Domes.
The Mistake’s skull – where Muscle Society achieves self-destruction.
Delaware Dost – where mindfulness prevails and hierarchy is understood.
The End of Everything – where convert concepts welcome refugees into the folds of theory.

All these places (and many more!) reside within the tangled text of Hole Punch.

$1.99 Bargain Book from January 31 – February 6, 2021