Date: 8 November, 2020

As a scribe in Semadon’s rigid society, Ceera Kestlyn fears for her reputation when a shadowy forest summons her through a vision and her dreams. Then three men go missing in a remote wood, and she decides it’s her duty to find out why.

Leaders allow her to accompany Dassius Rucien-a member of the Sci-Defense team-to seek counsel from the Archaics. But these keepers of nature’s secrets-who can harness the power of the elements-offer help that is dangerous to obtain. Amid these harrowing encounters Ceera’s dreams intensify, revealing that the forest hides a relic in its roots: an object that could explain her dreams and thus prove her credibility to Semadon’s leaders. Yet as the forest beckons, it also seems intent on destroying her, for entering the woods could leave her mind as twisted as the trees…

IMMORTAL ROOTS is a futuristic and mythical adventure, complete with controversial mystics, an eccentric inventor, a bitter and dangerous spy, and two warring councils.

99 Cent Bargain eBook from November 8 – 12, 2020