Date: 5 October, 2020

A Jetliner Crashes in the Everglades. A Billion-Dollar Lawsuit: Negligence or Terrorism? The Defense: Kill Anyone, Even a Supreme Court Justice, to Win the Case. Supreme Court Justice Sam Truitt takes the bench with high ideals, lofty intentions…and a troubled marriage. Lisa Fremont, his stunning and brilliant law clerk, has a dark secret in her past. If Lisa doesn’t get Truitt’s vote in multi-million dollar case involving a catastrophic airplane crash, she’ll be killed. IMPACT is a tale of seduction and betrayal, of passion and greed. Truitt, who has always followed the rules, and Lisa, who never has, join together to battle those who live by no law at all. “Relentlessly entertaining.” – New York Daily News “A breakout book, highly readable and fun with an irresistible momentum, helped along by Levine’s knowledge of the Supreme Court and how it works.” – USA Today “The writing is better than Grisham and so is the story.” – Amazon 5-star review

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