Date: 13 February, 2021

“In the Words of Walt Whitman” offers 130 pages of poetry and prose, all created out of Whitman’s own verses and sentences. Each page is devoted to a particular theme or topic. The anthology offers a guide to the most important ideas woven through Whitman’s work, arranging his words in a logical order, both within each page and among the pages.

The topics are arranged under eight main headings: Truth, The Universe, The Self, Self and Universe, Emotions, Self and Society, Nature, and The Arts.

Readers who are not yet familiar with Whitman’s poetry and prose may find this anthology a helpful guide through his rather unsystematic words, making them more accessible and enjoyable. Readers who already know Whitman ’s original writings may find new meanings and new pleasure in them, and be reminded anew that both the meanings and the pleasure are inexhaustible.

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