Date: 1 November, 2020

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than just being born, living and working, and finally dying?

Have you wondered if we are alone in this universe?

Have you had strange and inexplicable experiences in your life you want answers to?
Have you suddenly felt you have a higher calling but don‘t know what it is or from where it came?

If yes, you have chosen wisely to come here.

This book deals with Kundalini, the power of the serpent lying latent in all humans, waiting to be awakened.

The power of an awakened Kundalini has to be experienced to be truly understood.
This book helps you do just that.

Imagine the peace you’ll experience when you open your third eye, balance your chakras, and achieve a level of higher consciousness.

If peace and contentment is your goal, get this book now!

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