Date: 6 November, 2020

Murder mystery and drama. Based in the 1940’s where poverty is rife, Melissa, Molly and Megan leave the orphanage that had been their home since birth. They are not related but class each other as sisters. Nuns run the orphanage and become the only parental figure in their lives. A surprise inheritance brings wealth to the 3Ms, but when their lives are set to hit prosperity, death divides them.

Little did they realize that their happiest time was when they were homeless, poor and surviving the Second World War. Living in a deceitful existence was bound to be difficult, even more so with a serial killer on the loose. Melissa is riddled with guilt but she seeks revenge on the serial killer who murdered her sister.

She has to be resilient to cope with unforseen consequences that she wouldn’t inflict on her worst enemy.

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