Date: 6 August, 2020

Untold histories are often the most interesting… Can a King be a Queen? Can an Emperor love a King and a Queen? Are you ready to accept that Rome’s greatest ruler was Bisexual? In an ancient Greek province, there lived a King and his sister-wife. You are unlikely to have heard of them, yet they changed history in ways that have been blushed about, scorned, edited, redacted and buried for nearly 2,000 years. For, you see, those minor royals encountered the young Gaius Julius Caesar, long before he became the ruler of Rome.

They both fell under his spell and set out to seduce him. He didn’t resist. Their remarkable interplay set in motion the emergence of the Caesar that we find described in our history books today. Watched over by the Goddess Minerva, the young Caesar escapes Rome just in time to avoid annihilation. Leaving his wife behind he journeys across the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black seas encountering pirates and scoundrels.

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