Date: 23 April, 2021

We all face times when things look dark and hopeless. And then there are times when we feel hopeful and are sure that things are going to get better.

Life is a mixture of light and dark; joy and sorrow, hope and despair. It is the human experience. While we all have different personalities and temperaments, most of us go through trying experiences if we live long enough. We need some help in these times. Here is where quiet faith can assist us. What is quiet faith? Firstly, it’s not a religion although religious feelings may come into it.

It is democratic, it is for everyone. Introverts and extroverts alike benefit from stopping in their tracks, pressing the pause button, getting quiet and being still. Getting quiet, letting silence envelop us is hugely beneficial. It calms the mind, steadies the storms of restless thinking, striving after things and just simply allows us to ‘be.’ This being with ourselves is free and it is often necessary.

It is good for us! When we feel lost or sad, unsure or confused, quiet faith can comfort us. It is a daily practice (at its best) but we can tune into it whenever we want to. It is always waiting for us. When stress raises its head we have an ally in getting still and going within. This gentle book is one creative guide on this journey. I hope you are encouraged to try it.

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