Date: 1 March, 2021

Dustin Murphy’s blocked memory of childhood trauma is the key to unravelling a modern-day threat. Can he remember in time to prevent disaster?

Haunted by the ghosts of his childhood, Dustin doesn’t understand why he is so disconnected to the world. His mother suggests he may find answers by studying their family’s past, which takes him back to:

1934, Harlem—His Great Aunt Rita is a fixer in the numbers racket. She works side by side with Bumpy Johnson and runs the bank for the operation while her family struggles to be accepted in New York because of the color of their skin.

1815, Nevis—Dustin’s early ancestors are split between the planter elite and the slave population. Their actions during these final years of slavery set the tone for the family for years to come.

Dustin uncovers long-suppressed family secrets while he learns about his own problems from the past. Everything comes to a head in Charlottesville, Virginia, when he and his sister participate in a rally that pits White supremacists against all those who oppose them. Can he unlock his memory in time to prevent disaster?

99 Cent Bargain Book from March 1 – 14, 2021