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Date: 8 June, 2021

Discover how to become an effective woman in leadership -- even if you’re shy, avoid conflict at all costs, or lack confidence. All you need are easy, proven skills and traits that will help you gradually develop your self-esteem, sharpen your trust, and hone your boundary-setting and communication skills. If you're someone who: Is new into leadershipWants to know how to manage a team more effectivelyFinds it difficult to deal with employeesDoesn’t feel worthy of their leadership position (or doesn’t know how to reach one)Lacks self-confidenceWants to know the secrets to improving communication then Jemma Roedel can help you. Many...

Date: 3 June, 2021

Discover how to easily integrate your new puppy into the family with these child-friendly fun and easy training tips. While owning a dog can seem like an additional chore for you, it can be the start of a magical and lifelong bond between your child and their dog. Having a puppy they love is like having a best friend that loves them unconditionally and supports them no matter what. It’s also the perfect opportunity to teach your kid some important lessons in responsibility. By taking care of a pet, your child will learn how to feed and care for someone...

Date: 9 May, 2021

This puppy training guide is designed to tackle everything that comes with the first two months of training, providing you with weekly goals and expectations based on your puppy's development. This is delivered in the form of an action plan, giving key instructions about potty training, crate training, leash training, and all sorts of tips and tricks. Each chapter represents one week of training and sets weekly goals, answers frequently asked questions, and provides step-by-step instructions for the best exercises for this stage of puppy training. This lets the reader use the book as a support throughout the training process...

Date: 3 December, 2020

The key to attracting and retain customers in such a saturated economy lies in engaging them through relatable branding. From developing the overarching theme of your branding efforts to solidifying your authority – much work goes into succeeding with your marketing efforts. This detailed guide touches upon the various aspects of how to develop your branding strategy and connect with your audience. We have outlined the core pillars on which to establish a successful marketing and branding strategy for modern business. 99 Cent Bargain Book from December 3 - 7, 2020

Date: 11 July, 2020

Some people are born with self-discipline, and some people aren’t. The undisciplined mind is great at masking the truth of a situation when we’re making excuses. After all, it’s much easier to keep on making the same mistakes, sitting around, wasting time, getting through life, instead of actually living life. 99 Cent Bargain Book from July 11 - 17, 2020