Date: 16 September, 2020

How to start a tech company and get customers in one month? Did you know that Twitter, Udemy, Groupon, and GitHub all started as side hustles without venture capital? Many aspiring tech entrepreneurs believe that to start a successful tech business means they must risk everything, quit their day job, and seek funding. These and other bootstrapped companies prove that billion-dollar companies can start in home offices and garages on founders’ evenings and weekends.

The 60-Minute Tech Startup: How to Start a Tech Company as a Side Hustle in One Hour a Day and Get Customers in Thirty Days (or Less), serial technology entrepreneur Ramesh Dontha takes lessons from side hustles turned household name companies to reveal the fastest, easiest, and least capital-intensive way to start a tech business.

The 60-Minute Tech Startup shows side hustlers how to:

Discover mistakes to avoid that doom most tech businesses
Answer common questions such as “What is a non-compete?”
Build a personal brand without getting in trouble at work
Learn how to talk to your boss about your job on the side
Perform a business model analysis
Decide the type of tech business to start
Borrow lessons of good side hustles that already exist
All of the above and more in just one hour a day for one month. The 60-Minute Tech Startup offers proven steps to start a tech company today, get paying customers this month, and reap the rewards of business ownership for life.

99 Cent Bargain Book from September 16 – 23, 2020