Date: 17 May, 2021

Avalon is a place of mystery, filled with the creatures of myth. Lurking beneath the surface of the modern world world, the fae, vampires and werewolves keep their societies a secret from the humans.

But when a string of murders happen and two newborns go missing, it threatens the fragile stability of the island.

Brianna Lightfoot, a Sidhe of the Seelie court is pulled into a mystery after realizing she has a connection to the children.

While Kabe, an inquisitor for the vampire council in London has been charged with investigating the murders and finding the missing children all while navigating the complexities of a shaky treaty with the werewolves and their leader Synara.
Can the trio overcome their differences and find common ground as they are pulled into a mystery six centuries in the making?

A mystery that could have ties that go all the way back to Arthur and Morgan le Fay.

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