Date: 20 April, 2021

This book will transport you to the late 19th century, allowing you to “witness” one of the seminal moments of modern history. You’ll learn what events preceded the confrontation between the waning old European power of France and the up-and-coming Prussian state and how a war led to the unification of Germany into an empire.

Through this guide, you’ll find out how significant the famous “Iron Chancellor” Otto von Bismarck was in preparing the ground for a conflict and how his political genius allowed Prussia to spearhead the German union. It will also showcase all the strengths and weaknesses of the military reforms that came out of the brilliant mind of Helmuth von Moltke, a general who almost singlehandedly created the myth of German martial superiority.

On the other hand, this book will also expose all the faults in French military thought and the blunders committed by their leaders. Through their mistakes, you’ll learn how indecisiveness and stubborn traditionalism can lead to disaster, at least on the battlefield. You’ll learn how their defeats on the front lines led to one of the most humiliating and harshest peace treaties in recent history, setting the stage for later major conflicts.

Finally, you’ll read about how a war that was planned and orchestrated by a few leaders on both sides led to avoidable death and destruction, ushering in the ideas of “total war.”
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