Date: 24 July, 2021

After barely surviving an IED attack that killed three of his teammates in Afghanistan, former US Special Forces Operator Ian McGuire returns to his family’s idyllic Oklahoma ranch in search of a fresh start, trading in tactical gear and destroying terrorist cells for cowboy boots and wrangling animals (and his young nephews). The last thing he expects to find out in the remote countryside is love, until the new nanny arrives. When Ian first meets Charlotte “Lottie” Poole arrives, he is determined not to like her; she may be the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, but he has no patience for her smug, cold attitude. As Lottie adjusts to life on the ranch, her icy exterior melts away, and Ian can’t avoid the magnetic attraction that draws them together. As a passionate romance starts to grow into a deeper love, Ian uncovers a dark secret that may threaten everything, including his family’s safety.

With the help of Preacher, the former leader of the Heathen Brotherhood, Ian discovers that his and Lottie’s pasts are mysteriously connected by the same ghost, a ruthless terrorist who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and Ian may be the next target. The question is, whose side is Lottie on? Does she really love him, or is she just using him as part of some sinister scheme? The one thing Ian knows for sure is that he’s not letting Lottie go without a fight.

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