Date: 21 January, 2021

Life skills never came easily to Bethany Sawyer as a child. Her struggle to use the fine cutlery at Christmas dinners with her extended family was just one example. Something was always off; she was different somehow, without anyone including herself knowing why. Now an adult, she has learned she is autistic; with insight comes better understanding of past and present.At fourteen, Lucy Penhaligon’s autism diagnosis has come much earlier in life than her aunt’s did. Not that her life is any easier for it. Her mother won’t accept it; Lucy must simply try harder to integrate. If only people would believe she’s trying her hardest just to navigate each day. If only the bullying would stop. Can Bethany preserve her wellbeing and help others too when society remains incompatible with how her brain works?And how does the girl she may have glimpsed in the attic fit in?

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