Date: 31 January, 2021

The US Civil War brought about a lot of change. The nation not only had to figure out how to become united once again, but it also had to figure out how to integrate the newly freed slaves into society.

In addition, the country had to figure out how to recover from the war, which devastated the South and took many lives on both sides.
President Abraham Lincoln favored a less punitive plan for reinstating the Confederate states back into the Union. Unlike other Republicans at the time, he did not think of these states as ever having left the Union. However, his plan never came to fruition.

His assassination left the Reconstruction efforts in the hands of Andrew Johnson, a Democrat. Johnson wanted to make things easier for his fellow Democrats in the South. Knowing this, the Radical Republicans in Congress passed their own laws, overrode Johnson’s vetoes, and eventually impeached him. Their plan for the South was punitive and harsh, as they expected total loyalty from any state wishing to rejoin the Union.

In this book, you will learn about the significant players and laws. You will read about the carpetbaggers and scallywags who tried to make things better for blacks in the South while also seeking their own fortune.

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