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A reader said "Just finished the book…I love that it is so personal and immediate. As if we are sitting together having a conversation… I can hear the author speaking, rather than feeling like I’m just reading the words. God’s Eyes shares the author’s experience of a powerful vision where, for a minute, she got to see the world and its promise through what she experienced as God’s perspective. It’s a message that shares God’s presence and promise. God’s promise is that each of us is loved. God built many pathways so that all of us, no matter where we live, our culture, or what we believe, we can find a way home. That promise is so full of love. The power of love can support us and connect us in ways that are transformative. It gives us hope. Early reviewers have called the book "a profound journey" where the author "shares a vibrant and colorful reality." It "offers readers a captivating journey into the author's personal experience, revealing moments of magic and transformation. Through joyful and understanding fragments, the book forms a wonderful space for present living that deepens the reader's joy." Another reader said "the writing in this book comes alive and I too am experiencing it. What I am learning gives me greater understanding, awareness, and is helping me on my difficult journey."
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