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Unlock your potential with practical steps in "How to Become Your Best Self." This guided workbook empowers you to achieve balance, set goals, and embrace change. Whether you're new to self-discovery or revitalizing neglected areas of life, this methodical approach helps you create lasting habits. Expand your comfort zone gradually for optimal growth. Identify gaps, visualize your life, and focus on key areas. Plan, reflect, and be motivated. This self-reflection journal offers a very special place to: • Give you an immediate visual representation of how your life is now • Identify the gaps in life which will influence your goal setting • Help you focus on each area of your life and identify which areas need more attention • Record your plan of action and regular reviewing of it • Ponder over Prompting Questions to help you achieve all the above • Be inspired by Motivational Quotes littered throughout the book • Help you achieve a balanced and stable life
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