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Are you struggling to feel a deep connection with God amidst the busyness of your life? Even though you know God is always present and all-knowing, do you find it difficult to feel His presence when you need it the most? If you have ever experienced these feelings, "Out of OBLIVION" is the book for you. In this book, author Cathy shares her personal journey of feeling lost and disconnected from God. She discusses the obstacles she faced and the lessons she learned about the importance of recognising and addressing the barriers that can prevent us from having an intimate relationship with God. Out of OBLIVION is an easy-to-read and practical book that offers a transformative path towards discovering the power of intimacy with God and the freedom and authority that comes through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The book includes various Bible translations, reflection questions, and practical exercises to help you connect with God and experience His presence intimately. No matter where you are in life, you can experience a fulfilling and enriching journey with God. How? God is aware of every aspect of your life and invites you to step Out of OBLIVION and embrace a profound Awareness of the Abiding Presence of God in Your Everyday!
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