Ali McMillan is a descendant of the Tuatha de Danann--a supernatural race gifted with mythical abilities. Until a month ago, she didn’t know about dragons, the horrifying sluagh, or three murderous brothers calling themselves the Sons of Carman. However, these days, she has plenty to look forward to. Junior year of high school, a popular boyfriend, and--let’s be honest--the discovery of magic was pretty wicked.

Except, not all is right. One enemy escaped prison, another stalks her dreams, and a wailing banshee appeared, prophesying death.

Forced to rely on the Tuatha de Danann for help, Ali travels to the Otherworld, where she discovers an old enemy seeks to end a long-standing feud. Faced with a dwindling clock, Ali must find answers. Who are the Fomorians? How are they linked to the Sons of Carman?

Can she stop the fated banshee’s cry?

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