Republicans Keep Winning by P. S. Mann


This book provides a concise analysis regarding why people vote for Republican candidates and why Republicans have been able to win elections in situations where there are many more registered Democrats. It details the three most important things to most people of voting age and how the Republicans are often able to provide voters with "enough" of those three such that they're voters remain loyal and they pick up enough additional votes to win in many cases. It discusses voter frustration and why some Black, Latino, and White voters have either left the Democratic Party or no longer vote consistently in every election. Additionally, it discusses what many view as the failings of the Democrats over the years as perceived by "enough" of their core voters to change the outcome of elections. This book is not about talking points, it provides real issues that need to be addressed. While Republicans can use the book to explain their choices and in the recruitment of voters, Democrats can utilize the book to address many of the issues plaguing their Party.

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