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"If Life is a game, what are the rules? And more importantly… Where are they written? Whether you’re bargaining your way to a higher pay grade, or less housework, this book distills game theory’s basic principles into easy-to-understand, actionable advice and gives you the power to optimize your daily decision-making. Bring more purpose to the games you play and avoid getting sucked into everyone else’s at a disadvantage. Here are some other things this book will teach you: When does it pay to be a selfish player… and why you may need to go inside a prisoner’s mind to find out What are 8 of the most common games you and other people play in your everyday life… whether you know it or not The overlooked assumptions we make about life games… and why these get us sent off to the sidelines How to recognize which game you’re playing and turn the tables on your opponent… even if they appear to have the upper hand Why strategy isn’t what you think it is and how everyone–even a kindergartener–is strategic The nine impactful steps for creating your game playbook… including this one you’d never think would give you a competitive edge Why playing Life’s games ‘backward’ may be the best way to leap forward Why some games aren’t worth playing and what you should do instead and much, much more…"
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