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Different from all other theory books, we have discovered that all music ever made or ever will be made, including all theory terms and topics can be distilled down to one Unifying Concept. Understanding of this one concept is all you need to easily comprehend how all music works.

Our unique and revolutionary teaching method is proven to simplify the learning process; increasing the pace and ease at which students from around the world comprehend theory, saving time and money while reducing stress, confusion, and intimidation associated with learning.

This self-guided, play along course is for the absolute beginner, intermediate and advanced student. It is taught via the piano but the theory and concepts are applicable to all instruments. Included is a free Music History eBook, printable diagrams, charts, and embedded audio files.  No piano? No problem- there are plenty of downloadable piano apps available to you online.

If you have been looking for a theory book:

·         That starts at the very beginning: what is music? why do we create and listen to it?

·         That answers important questions like: If there is an infinite number of notes in the universe, why would our music alphabet use only 12? Why these 12? If there are 12 notes in our music alphabet, why do instruments have more than 12?

·         That provides you with an organized overview of how all music is constructed

·         That delivers the material in an easily digestible, simplified manner that anyone can understand

·         That has lessons that flow naturally from one topic to the next; lessons that are so easy to follow it feels as if you have your own private music teacher

·         That will help you understand why every interval, scale, melody, and harmony can evoke a different feeling mood or emotion- (which is the overall goal of music)

·         That demystifies even the most perceivably difficult and advanced theory- (chord inversions, polychords, poly tonality, chord extensions, poly modal, atonal, counterpoint...etc.) by showing how everything is connected to one Unifying Concept

·         That puts you on a learning path that leads to music fluency; cultivating your inner musical voice and the skills needed to improvise and compose

·         That will have you playing and expressing yourself immediately, while understanding the how and why of everything you are doing

·         That shows you how to practice with purpose on or away from your instrument

·         That delivers more than promised

·         That provides you with instant, continuous, gratification and joy-creating an upward and positive recursive loop


If you want a theory book that you will complete with ease: that is enjoyable throughout and will have you playing and understanding music quickly: this book is for you.


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