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Date: 06/24/2024
Not for “good” cooks but for us ordinary folk who maybe CAN cook (sort-of) but dont want fussy time-consuming “recipes”. With laugh-out-loud cartoons, keep-it-relaxed menus, and friendly “ non-correct” grammar, learn how the foods we...
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Date: 05/18/2024
This guidebook is your key to unlocking the world of breadmaking with ease and expertise. From quick daily bread to healthy options, family favorites, and pizza dough that wows. A bread machine can turn your...
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Date: 04/13/2024
This is a beginner’s cookbook that unveils the heart-healthy secrets of Mediterranean Diet. In a simple manner, this guide will take you through various exotic flavors and nutritious yet simply tasty meals that have existed...
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Date: 11/29/2023
🎁EXCLUSIVE EXTRA CONTENTS SCANNING A QR CODE INSIDE THE PAPERBACK VERSION 🎁 DIVE INTO VIDEO MASTERCLASS: Recipes to jumpstart your new lifestyle 🎁 MOBILE APP ON THE GO: Find the best ingredients anytime, anywhere 🎁...
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Date: 11/16/2023
Thinking about a change of lifestyle? This is the perfect book! The Mediterranean diet is more of a lifestyle than a diet. Every meal is based on whole, fresh foods – fruits, vegetables, meat, fish,...
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Date: 11/25/2022
This visually beautiful Greek cookbook contains over 200 pages of flavorful and delicious classic Greek recipes presented in a simple – easy to follow manner for all level at-home chefs.Greek cuisine can seem intimidating, but...
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Date: 09/26/2022
Would you like to lose weight naturally without thinking about dieting? Would you like to eat healthy and delicious dishes?We often think healthy foods are sad and tasteless; this is wrong!The secret is to expand our...
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Date: 07/11/2022
This book is about helping you to manage your diabetes. Each year the number of people diagnosed with having diabetes keep going up. Doctors keep prescribing medicine that may control the symptoms but damage other...
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Date: 06/30/2022
We are in a global transition in all areas and aspects of our lives. The necessary adjustments and practical ideas are needed for more people to align with the current changes.  The Manual For Humanity Thriving...
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