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Date: 07/12/2024
Step into the mind-expanding world of Samuel German's "Nightmares, Dreams, and Hallucinations," a roller coaster ride through the subconscious, highlighting the complex, mysterious, and oftentimes frightening terrain of human psyche. German’s collection is a stunning...
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Date: 11/26/2023
The incredible journey of a German immigrant who came from the corporate world of business lunches and suit-and-tie dress code to experiencing 9/11 shortly after arriving in his new home country. Then destiny flung him...
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Light Beyond the Veil by Ann Zachariah

Date: 10/06/2023
In "The Light Beyond the Veil," experience an emotional and a soul transformative journey as the pages unfold the heart-wrenching tale of loss, grief, and the power of human resilience. This grief story narrative transcends...
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Date: 09/20/2023
Gaining empathy through trauma is the gateway to a better life in this emotional and haunting true story, which features a young man who learns how to stay resilient despite the most horrific abusive family...
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Date: 06/09/2023
James Marchbank resumes his fly on the wall view of the workings of a Northern English Police Force. He takes us through the back door of his Force Headquarters and reveals the intrigue, self-interest and...
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Date: 04/21/2023
In this moving and painful memoir of growing up from age five to adulthood, the author paints a sad and all too familiar story of early sexual abuse from men whom she should have been...
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Date: 03/16/2023
PerceptiveAnd resourcefulA really goodFizzle withIntelligenceA good masterpiece….A excellent, located story that makes a person think of the nature of existence anda true meaningstructure of a human beingPAUL MATTHEWSGoing back as far as a toddlerA copy...
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Date: 03/01/2023
I didn’t create this piece of work. It just happened to me, and others, and all I did was write it down. It is a third biographical, a further third auto-biographical, and a third Instruction...
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Date: 02/26/2023
What should an old man who can't remember his life have in common with a young man who wants to forget his past?When the old man walks through the night village, he meets a young...
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EPICURUS and THE PLEASANT LIFE by Haris Dimitriadis

Date: 02/20/2023
“Epicurus and The Pleasant Life " by Haris Dimitriadis is one of those books that can literally change your life. I thought Mr. Dimitriadis did a remarkable job in bringing Epicurus's ideas to a modern...
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